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Location:Guadalupe, Cebu City

MONTERRAZAS DE  CEBU - Cebu Lot Only for sale in the mountains of Guadalupe, the largest  Mountain Property in the heart of Cebu.

The crown of the Queen City. Rising over a thousand feet above sea level. An eminence commanding Cebu, Mactan and Bohol. Straddling eight hills looking out to the east. Hidden for generations in the mountains of Guadalupe and Banawa Cebu City.

The last and the largest, of any contiguous mountain property available in the heart of Cebu City. Unparalleled. Exclusive. And absolutely magnificent. Monterrazas de Cebu is like no other.

THE PEAK OF LUXURY. Within Monterrazas is a treasure called the Peaks. It further defines what a truly luxurious lifestyle should be. It will arguably be the most enviable address in all of Cebu. The total area of the Peaks is approximately 60 hectares, with the number of lots controlled to 200.

Magnificent Overlooking View!
BEGIN. A sustainable community with residential lots and dwelling units. And an offer, commercial lots and spaces for schools, hospitals and the like. Waste no time to stake your claim. Build Your Dream.

- Location:  Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City
- Project Type:  First home high;end intergrated development
- Property Size:  200+ hectares
- Elevation:  350 meters above sea level (at highest point)
- Landowner/Developer: genvi development Corp.
- Project Location:  3.5km from Cebu Provincial capitol, 5 km from Cebu Business Park(CBP)
   25 km from mactan International Airport

Infinity Pool
Parks and Playgrounds

Underground utilities
Wide roads
Gated and fenced
Security system
Flood control system (the first in Cebu)

HLURB LTS No. 21766

More Photos (Click to enlarge)

Road Map
Road Map
Vicinity Map
Vicinity Map
Site Development Map
Site Development Map



Price:7,318,080.00 PHP
Lot Area: 528 sqm

MONTERRAZAS de Cebu- Spanish term Terraza De Montana which means mountain terrace, describes the topographpy of property.

THE PEAKS--Topmost, the peak of Luxury.
     Gross Are: 37.5has.
     Available Lot Areas: 450 to 994 sqm

     Current Price:  P 13,860.00 to P 18,149.00 per sq. m (including 12% Vat)


PEAKS SAMPLE COMPUTATION: (Lot Area: 528 sq. m.)

Lot Area:  528 sq. m.
Price inclusive of VAT - P 13,860.00
Total Contact Price:  P 7,318,080.00
Reservation fee:  P 100,000.00

 a) Spot Cash (Net of RF)
      * 15% discount if paid in 7 days - P 6,120,368.00 OR:
      * 10% discount if paid in 30 days - P 6,486,272.00
b)  Deferred Cash (net RF)
      * 5% discount straight 12 months (no DP) - P 571,014.67/mo. OR:
      * Straight 24 months (No DP) - P 300,753.33/mo.
3) Pay Lite Promo
      10% Downpayment - DP net RF) P 631,808.00
      90% Balance - P 6.586,272.00- Payble 60 months at P 109.771.20/mo.
4) Term Payment
     15% DP (Net of RF) - P 997,712.00
     85% Balance - P 6,220,368.00
             5 year Amortization at 13% Interest - P 141,532.49/mo.
             7 year Amortization at 15% Interest - P 120,032.92/mo.
             9 year Amortization at 16% Interest - P 109.013/.51/mo

More Photos (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

The Peak view
The Peak view
Actual Pic view
Actual Pic view
Topmost available lots view
Topmost available lots view
Peaks Updated Map as of Jan. 28, 2018
Peaks Updated Map as of Jan. 28, 2018


North Ridge

Price:6,014,561.28 PHP
Lot Area: 338 sqm

NORTH RIDGE- Middle Portion of Monterrazas de Cebu, Guadalupe, Cebu City
     Ready for House construction on 20010
     Gross Area: 15.2has.
Current Price:  P 15,888.00/sq.m.
     Available Lot Areas--387 to 526 sqm

Lot Area:  338 sq. m.
Price Inclusive of 12% Vat :  P 17,794.56
Total Contract Price:  P 6,014,561.28
Reservation Fee:  P 50,000.00

 a)  Spot Cash (Net of RF)
      10% Discount if paid in 30 days  - P 5,363,105.15

b)  Deferred Cash (Net of RF)
        5% Discount straight in 12 months (No DP) - P 471,986.10/mo.
        OR: Straight 24 months (No DP) at P 248,523.30/mo.

c)  Pay Lite Promo
         25% Outright Downpayment (Net of RF) - P 1,453,640.32
         75% Balance - P 4,510,920.96  - Payable 36 months at P 125,303.36/mo.

            15% DP (Net of RF)  P 852,184.19
          85% Balance - P 5,112,377.09
                      5 Year to pay at 13% interest - P 116,322.29/mo.
                      7 Year to pay at 15% interest - P   98,652.29/mo.
                      9 Year to pay at 16% Interest - P   89,595.69/mo.   

  Investment Manager - Maurealty & Brokerage   
  HLURB No. CVRFO-A-01/18-0444

   Sun Cell:  (+63) 943-076-1578
   Globe    :  (+63) 966-741-6988  
   Gmail   :  mylah.jjay@gmail.com
   FB       :  Ismaela Mylah Alvizo Puerto
   Website: https://www.cebuestatehomes.com/

More Photos (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

North Ridge Pic
North Ridge Pic
Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool
Pic No. 1
Pic No. 1
Pic No. 2
Pic No. 2
Pic No. 3
Pic No. 3
Pic No. 4
Pic No. 4
Pic No. 5
Pic No. 5
Updated Map as of January 2018
Updated Map as of January 2018


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