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CEBU SOUTH - H & L *** Carcar City

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Listing #: 800
Property Name: CAMELLA CARCAR - Can-asujan, Carcar City
Property Type: CEBU SOUTH - H & L *** Carcar City
Location: Can-Asuhan, Carcar City, Cebu
Description: Camella Carcar, House and Lot for sale located in Can-asujan, Carcar City, Cebu Philippines ( South of Cebu) Camella brings an enviable blend of the charms of a community and appeal of the country lifestyle in a city full of cultural ...
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Listing #: 1369
Property Name: LUMINA Carcar - Can-asujan, Carcar City, Cebu
Property Type: CEBU SOUTH - H & L *** Carcar City
Location: Can-asujan, Carcar City, Cebu
Description: LUMINA CARCAR – Very affordable Low Cost Housing for sale located in Can-asujan,Carcar City, Cebu BUILDING TYPE: Bunglow, Rowhouse PACKAGE: BARE Construction System: Cast in place Total No. of Units: 341 Rowhouses LUMINA CARCAR Model:          A. Airene Model 22 - Mid-Unit                         Lot ...
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Listing #: 415
Property Name: Dancing Sun - Carcar, Cebu
Property Type: CEBU SOUTH - H & L *** Carcar City
Location: Bolinawan, Carcar, Cebu
Description: Affordable House and Lot for Sale in Dancing Sun Subdivision, Bolinawan, Carcar, Cebu  Dancing Sun Subdivision boasts of key amenities for sports, recreation and other services. The whole community is in harmony with the culturally rich heritage of the locale, ...
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Listing #: 1483
Property Type: CEBU SOUTH - H & L *** Carcar City
Location: Can-asuhan, Carcar City, Cebu
Description: LUMINA CARCAR PHASE 2 - Affordable Lowcost Housing for sale in Can-asuhan, Carcar City, Cebu. It is located 400 meters away from the Highway with 4 Models - Bungalow and 2-Storey Townhouses to choose from. Total No. of Units:        300 units - Bungalow, Rowhouse        300 ...
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