Sunday, November 27, 2022
HDMF Mo. Amort. Factor - Under HDMF No. 310

(Under HDMF No. 310)

Per P 1,000.00 LOAN

TERM OF                           Interest Rate per Preferred Fixing Period
LOAN            3-year           5-year                 10-year                 15-year                30 year
(In years)      7.985%          8.985%               10.000%                10.75%                12.25%

   5             20.26922          20.75108            21.24704             21.61795               22.37099
 10             12.12483          12.65946            13.21507             13.63387               14.49199
 15               9.54786          10.13374            10.74605             11.20948               12.16299
 20               8.35507            8.98761              9.65022             10.15229               11.18565
 25               7.70823            8.38169              9.08701               9.62093               10.71744
 30               7.32719            8.03544              8.77572               9.33481               10.47896

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